Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, precious class quality product, It is the result of a long process and requires the paziante 12 to 25 years of aging. The raw material is the monsto, made from carefully selected grapes from local grape varieties. cotto for 10-12 hours in the open air to reduce it to the desired concentration, The must is first decanted in glass containers, then left to ferment, finally left to mature in wooden barrels, possibly grafted with colonies of acetobacteria. the barrels, of different sizes and arranged in battery to climb, They can be dicersi woods: castango, gelso, Cherry tree, juniper and oak, each of which gives it special organoleptic qualities. Every year, coming to shrink by evaporation the content of the barrels, It proceeds to hilling of each barrel, starting from the smallest, withdrawing the contents from the immediately higher and shedding new cooked must and only brewed in the "head", the largest. In this way the barrels more will always contain the youngest product, the intermediate vinegar maturing and the smaller ones the aged and aged balsamic delicious, that can be withdrawn for use only after at least 12 years from the battery.

The secret of this elixir from the dark brown color, denso, shiny, with a unique sweet and sour taste, can enhance the flavors of the dishes, from the simplest to the most elaborate, It is right in the long aging, which can also exceed 30 years.

Because the process of acidification needs a lot of oxygen, the casks shall be stowed in a well ventilated place, with bunghole (opening) covered with gauze to prevent the ingress of dust and insects etc..

Even the place BE PRESERVED barrels participates in the definition of the balsamic features: in addition to being located in the limited geographical area indicated by the strict production regulations, provided for all products D.O.P., the vinegar should be placed in a place that affected directly the strong seasonal variations in temperature, such as an attic.

The Comunale Acetaia Sassuolo is curated by the Keepers of the art of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - Sassuolo Community: a group of volunteers that use the expertise and experience of the Consortium of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Spilamberto, gathered in association with the aim of enhancing and promoting the culture of balsamic.
It is due to their skill and commitment of the City of Sassuolo education and openness Acetaia Comunale and the possibility of its use for tourism and educational purposes. The vinegar is located inside the courtyard of the Castle Montegibbio.