Excellent processing and long curing allow us to get a true delight that the whole world envies us: Balsamic Vinegar Delizia Estense.

Sante Bertoni, with his family, he created his company full of innovative renovation of a cultural tradition and an ancient agrarian business; house and vineyard were raised with the same goal: the realization of "Project Along Balsamic"! So Montegibbio you live alone between rows of grapes and barrels, that St. balsam and memories of the past, when the patient's philosophy of men entrusted to nature's own destiny. the vineyard, well-ordered, produces enough grapes Trebbiana and Lambrusco Grasparossa for the annual supply of must be allocated acetaia; the company raises the vines without the use of pesticides and diserbanti.La home, separate into two bodies in the vast courtyard, contains great quantities of barrels and barrels ... Smell the expanses plans "batteries", counted on each of ten casks to capacity descending (gives 75 lt. a 10 lt. final). The global system, just as today we see it, It born in the seventies and much of the overall product is already widely in marketing area also as "Traditional Balsamic".

For any further information about our products, commercial solicitation or any other your request or communication, you can call the number: +39 0536 872778 or send an E-mail to info@deliziaestense.it

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