Maserati was founded in Bologna in 1914 Alfieri Maserati such as car repair shop. subsequently, in 1926, the Maserati brothers took over the Diatto, small industry of Turin race cars and built in the same year the first automobile, the "Type 26".
since, in the course of its long history, Maserati has preserved the most significant vehicles produced in addition to the experimental prototypes, creating over the decades a collection of cars, of engines and components unique to the world.
In 1965 family Orsi, proprietary company, He decided to expose to the public the allestendola cars Collection in an exclusive area within the Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena.
from 27 October 1965, Official inauguration of the Museum in the presence of World Champion J. M. Fangio, the Maserati Museum was visited by tens of thousands of people, from around the World.
In the month of May 1993 Fiat bought Maserati from De Tomaso Group through the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Maserati S.P.A.. while the Collection, while remaining exposed within the Company, He remained within the existing and original Company Officine Alfieri Maserati S.p.A., later transformed into O.A.M. s.r.l.
In the month of July 1996, Engineer De Tomaso requested the return of the cars and the engines of the Museum Collection. Maserati accepted the request, but bought part of the collection consists of 15 engines, therefore they remained within the Company exposed Modena, while the collection of 19 cars left for England to be sold at auction in London. Sale organized by the house of Brooks and auctions scheduled for 2 December 1996. The news of the sale of cars, that would cause the total leakage of a fundamental heritage for the city of Modena, alerted fans and the authorities and the 18 October 1996 It was warned.

Minister of Culture, in the person of Minister Walter Veltroni, the Mayor of Modena, Giuliano Barbolini and local associations were active immediately to find a solution that would allow the recovery of this historical and cultural heritage that the city of Modena in danger of losing forever. The problem was exposed to Panini and Umberto Panini family was activated immediately to avoid the dispersion of historic cars Maserati. So thanks to the intervention of the Panini family, shortly before the fateful date, the house of auctions Brooks announced that the Maserati Collection was withdrawn from the auction to return to hometowns, housed in the premises owned by the Panini family.
The Maserati Museum today: Since then the collection of 19 historical car Maserati is usable at the Museum called CUP (Umberto Panini Collection).

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