distillery Caselli 1860. We place at the center of our actions creativity, Sassuolo research and passion that are handed down from the original grocery 1860, to delight the palates with astonishment and pleasure.

distillery Caselli 1860. Sassuolo is the City at the foot of the Apennines Modena known worldwide for the production of high quality ceramic.

Early last century, however,, Sassuolo became known both in Italy and outside Italy, thanks to a liquor that won international awards in the most important fairs of the sector: Sassolino, name invented by Distilleria Galdino Caselli precisely to define a liquor much in vogue at that time. Francesco Caselli.

In 1860 Francesco Caselli founded the Distilleria Caselli, producing small quantities liquor 'homemade' in the back of the run by the family grocery store, rented in the center of historic Sassuolo, in Via Fenuzzi. Galdino Caselli. Almost half a century later, in 1907, Galdino's son took over the family business guidance and, in the wake of the growing success of the typical liqueurs, He decided to abandon the grocery business to devote himself full time to that of liqueur. It was then that he added his own name, which it became so Distilleria Galdino Caselli, name that has come down to us, almost a century later. At that time the flagship product of the distillery, and more sought after by the market in general, was Refreshments Anise.

To distinguish its product from those of competitors, Galdino decided to call Sassolino, with clear reference to the place of origin, Sassuolo. So it was that, even before it becomes known nationally and internationally for its pottery, Sassuolo made a name through this liquor, at that time he obtained prizes and awards in all the major and important Fairs and Exhibitions.

Francis took over the company in 1943 e, as well as continuing the production and sale of Sassolino, He introduced and perfected the production of Nocino, the traditional walnut liqueur produced by hand in many farmhouses in the Modena.

Soon Nocino became the top product of the distillery. From the beginning, Distilleria Galdino Caselli has been engaged in producing high quality liquors, respecting ancient local recipes and traditions passed down from generation to generation by experts liqueur. Following the same philosophy in recent years, new products have been created, such as Fragolino, the Mirtillino, the Prugnolino and Grass Luigia.

Thanks to the original formulation and refinement of flavors, these drinks have encountered considerable public success. Distilleria Galdino Caselli facing the new millennium offers the international markets unique quality products and niche, which they have all the characteristics of the best traditional liquors 'homemade'.

In addition to liquor, The distillery produces balsamic vinegar of Modena of excellent quality and excellent news which could open other amazing market outlets: the fruit sauces balsamic vinegar of Modena.

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