Corlo of Formigine (Modena)

Near Modena, at the foot of the Apennines Modenese, in a popular area for the ceramics of Sassuolo, Ferrari Maranello and the rich plains of culture and tradition, we find the Hotel Globo: a structure with modern and functional furniture, where traditional hospitality and quality of services, It makes it a point of reference for the travel stops, work breaks or just to relax.

In 1973, Family Franchini inaugurate the Hotel Globo. The Hadrian's enthusiasm and his wife Maria Rosa transform right now, l'hotel, in a pleasant stop for those traveling for business or pleasure. The friendliness and competence of Laura and Silvia daughters have transformed the hotel, During the years, in a warm and modern environment.

Today, thanks to the professionalism of Laura and Silvia creativity, Hotel Globo continues to have that hospitality and the tradition that only a family business can give.


Via Radici in Piano 55
41043 Corlo of Formigine (MO)
Tel: 059.557131
Distance from Sassuolo: 3,8km