The 23 April is celebrated San Giorgio, patron of the city of Sassuolo, whose memory is honored as a martyr of Christ at least from the fourth century in every part of the Church.

in the cathedral, the Church of San Giorgio, above the door of the main entrance there is a stained glass window depicting the Knight (who later became Holy) riding his horse in order to slay the dragon.

Where did the cult of Saint George

This sort legend during the Crusades, It was probably influenced by a misinterpretation of the Christian image of Emperor Constantine, found in Constantinople. In this representation the king crushed his foot a huge dragon, enemy of mankind. Popular imagination embroidered above everything, so as to become fascinating legend in Egypt where many churches and monasteries were dedicated to St. George.

In the Middle Ages the struggle of St. George the dragon becomes a symbol of struggle of good against evil and therefore the world of chivalry found us his ideals and often adopted as a symbol.

The legend of the winner of the Dragon soldiers contributed to the spread of his cult, popular in the West and throughout the Byzantine East, where is the great martyr and the winner.

The legend of Saint George and the Dragon

Once upon a time the city of Selem, in Libya, where all the people were sad, because outside the walls there was a dragon that every day demanded a pure maiden, unblemished, otherwise it would destroy the whole city. by now, But, there was no longer any girl remained to be sacrificed.

only remained the king's daughter who refused to offer it to the dragon. The princess, however, said:I have to go by the dragon, as did all the girls who are due to die for their city. I want it that way for me too.

Up in the Sky, the Lord had been watching, but now that the dragon asked precisely the princess, He called his faithful angel St. Michael and told him: You have to find a knight on Earth who fights the dragon, Before it's too late.

St. Michael flew to Earth and began searching. far, very far, in a white castle in the forest, He lived a knight called Messer Giorgio. He was just saddling his horse, when he heard a voice from above telling him: You must ride up to a city where there's a dragon and you must fight him before catching the king's daughter.

Messer Giorgio spurred his horse and reached the city just when the princess was being conducted by the dragon. expect! - Shouted Messer Giorgio - Let the princess stays in the castle. I will slay the dragon!

You are crazy - He shouted the crowd - He spits on him flames and poison!

But Messer Giorgio was not afraid. He mollified his horse that had unnerved and secretly call Michele, The faithful angel of the Lord. What should I do when the dragon will spit on me flames and poison? he asked. Wearing this cloak of truth and look what happens It was the answer. immediately, on his shoulders appeared a blue cloak.

Messer Giorgio rode to meet the dragon was furious because the princess had not been brought. He lunged for the Knights and spat flames and poison, but George held the mantle of the highest truth in front of him.

When the flames and the poison hit the mantle, They were turned back just in the eyes of the dragon, He remained for a moment blinded. Then he became completely mad with rage and yet launched once the knight. This time, But, he managed to wrest the mantle. Messer Giorgio then drew his sword and struck the dragon but when the sword touched the dragon, He crumbled into pieces.

Meanwhile, the residents of the city, climbed the walls, anxiously watched the struggle of Messer Giorgio with the dragon. When they saw his destroyed sword, the bravest of them said: Come, we have to go help Messer Giorgio. So they rode meeting, with sword in hand, but every time a sword struck the dragon, He crumbled into pieces. What should we do? - Asked - We have to ask the help of St. Michael said Messer Giorgio.

Then they turned everyone to St. Michael, heard their prayer, She flew up to the Lord. He broke off a piece of the sun, and gave it to the angel. San Michele touched the piece of sun the Messer Giorgio sword and the sword returned immediately whole. Now shone so bright that shone on all the swords of the other brave men and they returned intact as before.

Then men, led by Messer Giorgio they threw themselves against the dragon, who he was blinded by the light of the sword. When Messer Giorgio stuck his sword into the dragon, these are split into pieces, killed instantly.

The king left the city with his daughter and said to Giorgio: You have saved us, Messer Giorgio and as a reward you will have my daughter and half my kingdom. They returned to the city led by Messer Giorgio with the king and the princess, followed by all the brave men who had helped him.

- adapted from: 'How to develop all the talents of the children' Ed. Red