The Sacred Trunk is the wooden crucifix kept in the ancient Church of San Francesco and also known as the Sanctuary of the Holy Trunk.
It is a sacred relic present in Sassuolo from the sixteenth century.

Its discovery in Turkey is due to Marco Pio, He went to the siege of the enemy city, then he preserved from plunder in return for the gift of the Holy Trunk. According to tradition he should have her as a gift from a young unfaithful, governor's daughter, so would preserve the house from looting.

Arriving in Italy in 1450, the crucifix was brought in Sassuolo 1500 by Pius, became the lords of the city. Guarded beginning in a bunk room, It was then exposed in a church placed on the current entrance to the Peschiera and 1587 officially donated to the people Sassolese.

The next year, Marco himself Pius III established the Confraternity of the Holy Crucifix, to guard and ensure the perpetuation of the cult over the centuries.

The solemn procession of Holy Thursday in Sassuolo (Modena) It is in the name of tradition: restores complete movement of the Sacred Trunk ancient times and changed only in recent times. The Sassolesi find themselves in the afternoon just in the church of San Francesco, to pay homage to the Sacred trunk with a silent procession and crop that brings them before the altar of the Church, where he is exposed the Christ supported and supervised by its members of the SS Crucifix Confraternity.