Look at this lady next, is called Carla Saetti and had it not been for her in Sassuolo we would have lost the tradition of Tiramolla.

A recount was his daughter in law Annalita Ferrari, that with Mirca Bellei (niece Carla) It operates one of the two stalls in the Holy Thursday sell Tiramolla Sassolese of tradition in what has now become The fair Tiramolla.

For those who do not know them, the Tiramolla are pieces made from sugar and honey then left to harden. They have become typical of Sassuolo. from 1995 Annalita Mirca and help to pass on a tradition, which is said to come from the Turks, and that it was brought in Sassuolo passing from Sicily. The only thing certain is that the recipe is secret and the Tiramolla are on sale only on Holy Thursday. These are the two key points.

'I swore to my mother-in-law that I would never tell anyone the recipe' Annalita and says this is the only exception to the rule. Recipe, indeed, He should be handed down from mother to daughter Rochegianti, but Mrs. Carla, he had a son, He decided to spend the recipe to his daughter in law Annalita. Not even the lure of a large cash offer convinced the lady Carla to give a list of ingredients, of which are known only sugar and honey.

Make tiramolla is really tiring and after a day's work, not all women who want to get to pull and give up (the typical movement to cool and harden the dough, hung on a hook). As soon as my mother-in-law is retired, in the 80s, He has started. If it was not for her, Easter tradition would have a different flavor'Says Annalita.

Maybe also because of their role in Sassolese tradition, today Rochegianti are considered the Sassolesi DOP. But it is not always so.

Until the 1860 the neighborhood was inhabited by families in the duke's service, later he became a ghetto for Jews and destitute. In yard Avanzini, for example, where there is now a parking lot, a wall and a door isolated themselves from the rest of the Jews of citizenship.

And 'the beginning of last century that the Rochegianti invent the Tiramolla of trade to contribute to the family budget, or as we used to say 'time to cumprer to scherpi who Ragaso'.

For Holy Thursday the Sassolesi went in church of San Francesco passing by Rocca, which then it became a swarm of women selling their pieces to the singing of 'push and wheel, grinding wheel and rolls a SACAT for a penny ' (trad. spring rolls, spring and pulls, a bag for a penny). Of this market today, But, are only two stalls.

In the '40s and' 50s the neighborhood was the oldest but also the poorest of Sassuolo and 'Rochegiante' had become a derogatory term. But it was a strong sense of community and families helped each other, starting dall'accudire children up to the construction of houses.

Annalita riportatole recalls an incident from his mother-in-law: ‘The nuns at school treated the girls Rocca differently: those of Sassuolo 'good' gave the cod oil (a tonic era) to each with a different spoon. For Rocca girls always used the same’.

The Easter tradition of Sassuolo, But, It is not only linked to Tiramolla. In Thursday Santo, outside San Francisco, The church next to the Palazzo Ducale, there are always long queues to kiss the Sacred Trunk, shown to the public on this occasion (Here more information on Sacred Trunk). Even the evening procession is always deeply felt by all citizens, as well as the tour of the seven churches in the afternoon.

When he passed the Holy my mother-in-law Trunk watched the color of Christ and according to the intensity could say if it would be a good year or less'Reminds Annalita. this curiosity, in reality it is linked to another of Rocca tradition, that maybe it is not even known to many Sassolesi: the Scuerta.

What is it about?

When someone is sick, the Rochegianti get together and pray for the sick, bringing pennies on offer to the Sacred Stem which is unveiled for the occasion (It is taken away the veil which usually covers it - is 'discovered', just). Based on the color of Christ, They know the fate of the sick. After this beautiful testimony of Annalita is even more evident that Easter is deeply felt in Sassuolo, maybe even more than Christmas.

The Fair Tiramolla Holy Thursday is expected from all Sassolesi, big and small, also for all the stalls occupying the town square. It is worth coming to see and taste!

Special thanks to Annalita and her husband for sharing a moment of history Sassuolo, but most of their family. Thanks also to the photos and for the material.

The veneration of the Sacred Trunk and the procession of Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday is the traditional procession of the Sacred Trunk, which starts from the Church of San Francesco in Rocca.
the crucifix, that will be exposed to the citizens already pm 15, It was found by Marco Pio in Turkey and came to Sassuolo in 1500, when Pius became the lords of the city. The procession follows the traditional route starts from the square of the Rose to follow via Rocca, Martyrs Square Partisans, Viale San Giorgio, via Crispi, via Menotti, square Teggia, via Farosi, Mazzini street, Via XX Settembre, via Pretorio, via Clelia, Martyrs Square Partisans, piazzale Roverella, via racket and return to the square of the Rose. In 1588, Mark III Pio, He founded the Confraternity of the Blessed. Crucifix to which he entrusted the task of guarding the relic and perpetuate the cult over the centuries. the Brotherhood, indeed, still care the solemn celebration held every Holy Thursday.