During the excavations conducted by the 2006 in the way of ruin in Montegibbio emerged interesting data concerning a multilayered settlement. The archaeological investigations have brought to light a stratigraphic succession, dating from the period of early Romanization to Late Antiquity (III / II sec. to.C. - VI century. A.D.). The site have been identified remains of buildings related to a sanctuary dedicated to Minerva, to a probable villa and productive agricultural structures.

The attention of archaeologists has focused on the collapse and the destruction documented in the various buildings unearthed, perhaps referring to telluric phenomena. The reading and understanding of these events have brought their contribution specialists of scientific disciplines, with which the comparison and discussion took place on the occasion of the conference held in Sassuolo in February 2009, preceded in 2007 Two exhibitions, arranged in Montegibbio Castle and the Palazzo Ducale. At the conference the students of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, from Bologna, Ferrara and National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology presented the results of its investigations, resulting in part thanks to the theses of the students of the Degree Course in Cultural Heritage Sciences who took an active part in the excavation. For this reason, in addition to purely archaeological issues, historical and topographical, the conference proceedings published in the book "The Montegibbio settlement: an interdisciplinary research for the archaeological "address topics related to geology, l’archeosismologia (innovative discipline focusing on the study of ancient earthquakes) and studying botanical site. One part is then devoted to chemistry (as regards the analysis of the painting techniques of the frescoes) and petrology.

archaeologists, historians, Botanical, seismologists, chemical, Geologists have combined their dialoguing skills together, doing Montegibbio the center of a future research laboratory site. Laboratory where it is fundamental not only an understanding of the historical phases of the settlement, but also the geological context and in general the environment in which the site is located and the causes that have led to various destructions.

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Because of the lack of necessary funds for its maintenance, the Archaeological Excavation Montegibbio was closed in 2015.