In the Motor Valley, next to renowned museums such as the Ferrari or the Umberto Panini Collection. there is a small company that is a rediscovery and enhancement of a historic-cultural heritage represented by the engines.

The A.M.E.S Museum. and this: a permanent exhibition of cars and motorcycles. A wonderful collection owned by the members themselves and the result of a shared passion.

On a surface of 750 sq.m.. They contain around 80 motion, 30 specimens between cars and microcars retracing about 50 years of history, from the 20s until the 80s.

A.M.E.S. It is a cultural non-profit association, born in 2010 and in the activities there are also events such as the organization of EXHIBITION / EXCHANGE on the occasion of the October Fairs of Sassuolo and motorbike / car rallies

A.M.E.S. Auto Moto d'Epoca Sassuolo
Via San Giacomo 5, the. Via San Tommaso
Phone: 348/7810514


see and sab: from 15:00 all 18:00

For visits after hours: call 348-7810514, with an hour's notice

October: Sat pm 15:00 all 18:00 / judgment: from 9:00 all 18:00