Andrea Flowers, born in Scandiano 1854, I study medicine, but he showed from the beginning a visceral interest in zoology studies and related collectibles. He graduated in 1878 and he became assistant professor of Physiology at the University of Modena. Then he enrolled in Natural Science with orientation towards insects and birds, of which he was already passionate scrupulous. His collection, on graduation, already it boasted more than 200 species of birds of the zones, 3000 species of beetles, 200 of Lepidoptera and Diptera, later donated to the Zoological Museum of Modena. She became a teacher and moved to Belluno and then to Catanzaro, until he obtains the chair to Galvani high school in Bologna, where he remained until retirement.

In the course of his life he contributed essentially to the ornithological study of the Modena area, gradually increasing his collection to his death (1933) counted 700 bird specimens and 82000 beetles, transferred as the Zoological Museum in Berlin. What we can now admire the museum, It is a specific collection and Italian avifaunistica, given that the majority of the specimens was captured by Andrea in Emilia and Calabrian areas.

The new headquarters is equipped with accurate explanatory apparatus, including multimedia and spaces for teaching. The promotion of the bird collection and the opening to the public is carried out in collaboration with the Nature Group Sassolese, which it operates within the disclosure of the natural sciences.

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