On the opposite side to the Clock Square, or Piazza Piccola, Martyrs Square are also called Partisans Piazza Grande.

Until the end of the twentieth century, It was used as the weekly cattle fair, but then he changed his appearance and often also name.
Already before the sixteenth century, the development of this square was on the rise, and although smaller than the current, its central location and focus of viability, He meant that the interest to increase it was always present. Until in the seventeenth century, part of the old village was gutted to achieve its expansion which continued over the years.

Martyrs Square in Partisan we can admire the Spire, built on the orders of Marco Pio in 1591, we remember one of the last lords of Sassuolo. On it we can read the inscription Marcus Pius de Sabaudia Princeps Saxoli.

This Spire was designed to represent the Sassuolo symbol, in opposition to Modena Garland.

Unfortunately many historical buildings were demolished to allow the construction of new and more modern