On July 11 1696 you begin to Sassuolo theater in the palace of the Duke Rinaldo Giordani Donato. Increased the population in 1773 was renewed theater making wider

With this sentence written on a sheet for the inauguration gave off the long season of the Teatro Carani.

In reality, in the eighteenth century the current Teatro Carani was a small ducal theater overlooking Piazza Garibaldi, which it was expanded in 1773 and demolished in 1905 to be rebuilt 1930.

The new theater was built to a design engineer Zeno Carani and at the behest of industrial Eugenio and Mario Carani, who wanted him in a space that would allow the longitudinal development, along Viale XX Settembre.

Teatro Carani still retains its original appearance: by the late Art Nouveau style present in the façade, in the front doors and windows furnishing the foyer. In contrast the hall: very wide, from simple and regular lines with a horseshoe plant and two rather large galleries for a theater. All without decorative elements except the magnificent chandelier of Murano 70s style.

As a result of an internal failure, Teatro Carani has now ceased operations and is closed to the public.