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Sassuolo (Sasol in Modenese dialect) It is a town of about 40 thousand inhabitants of the province of Modena. The common, located at 16 km south-west of Modena, It is one of the main industrial centers of Emilia-Romagna, the capital of the so-called ceramic District, which it is part of with other Fiorano Modenese, Formigine and Maranello. This complex has ancient origins and has been booming since the war, extending along the Secchia valley. The Sassuolo town center still retains some interesting examples of its past as the City and even small Signoria, first under the Della Rosa, then by Pio of Carpi and the Este of Ferrara and Modena. The city is famous in Italy and in the world to be the ceramic tile capital. Here and in the surrounding municipalities there are production plants and research, including Marca Corona, the oldest ceramic in Sassuolo, whose history dates back to 1741. Despite the countries developing are trying to imitate ceramics production Sassuolo, local companies in the sector are still recognized as excellence, succeeding with your search to produce materials with elegant design and the very high quality.
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Sassuolo and its history.

Linked to the name of the city, There are two different interpretations. The first and most accredited goes back to the Latin Saxolum, combining the words stone (sasso) e only (ground) and identifying a location stony (or rocky). Another theory sees the name derived from the oil of stone or more commonly oil, once present in large quantities in the area.

Regardless of the Neolithic remains found in the area, the real origin of the city of Sassuolo dates back to Roman times. It's old 980 the first historical document related to an exchange of land, the second is the 1035, year in which the dominion of the Canossa took hold, keeping up to 1115. from 1178 the municipality free, while by the end of the twelfth century to 1417 It is dominated by the Lords of the Rose, followed by the Este family that would have given the feud to the Pio di Carpi, gentlemen of the place until the 1599, year in which the rule was resumed in hand by the Este. Many lords that followed in the times were not exempt from wars, massive and incessant, but who served the town to lay the foundation of its development. It was during the long rule of the Este family who Sassuolo He increased greatly the economic development of the city, so much so that the historical period was known as the golden age and are proof of the major construction works such transformation into Delizia of the Ducal Palace.

Sassuolo made considerable progress in the field of ceramics, leading the city and the Sassuolo the levels of excellence in this area, record that still holds today. Of this, however, we have already written in the opening.

Even in agriculture Sassuolo has its strong point: the market became a hub for the exchange of goods and craft activities. It also expanded the silk manufacturing industry, wool and fabrics in general. Simultaneously with these developments also expands the agglomeration.

"But where I am leaving Sassol people
They wont de l'grapes make nectar to Jupiter,
where it is the most beautiful and brightest,
where the sky is all thanks rains?
That land of love, blazing glory,
mother of what is most valuable elsewhere,
He sent hundred horses, and around one thousand
infantry collected from her pleasant villas. "

(Alessandro Tassoni, The Secchia Rapita, III, 47.)

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excellence nell'enogastronomia.
excellent Hospitality.
Art and History of the Territory.
Industry and Crafts.
The Most Beautiful World Ceramics.

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