The Secchia River is the right tributary of the Po and was born Alpe di Succisio, Tuscan-Emilian Apennines of Collagna in the province of Reggio Emilia.
the Secchia, in the town of Sassuolo, It is a viable alternative for trips and days dedicated to wellness. In fact, close to the Parco Ducale, in Via dei Moli, i find access to Path Nature Secchia, an important opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the river environment and outdoor recreation activities away from traffic.

Bicycle and pedestrian path built along the river Secchia is the result of collaboration between the Province of Modena and the Modena municipalities, Campogalliano, Formigine, Sassuolo and Prignano. The main function of this work is to facilitate the meeting between man and the river in mutual respect and mutual vantaggio.Per man represents an important opportunity to make sport and recreation activities in the open air and to rediscover the natural river environment charm. The river the beginning of rebirth and renewal after decades in which was considered no man's land. A place at last to be returned, as still possible, to its natural beauty and enjoyment respectful man, obviously guaranteeing its primary function, ie the hydraulic.

Path, of minimum width of meters 2, bottom gravel stabilized and equipped with signs, currently it develops from Modena, Tre Olmi - Barchetta Bridge to just over the crossbar S. Michele - Castellarano for a length of Km 35. It also represents a concrete contribution to improving the quality of life and sustainable development of our territory. The route is frequented by many joggers, walks and, naturally, bicycle, runs on a wide dirt road, along the river, in a picturesque and panoramic setting.

The route reaches the cross Castellarano (RE): made to ensure stability at the outlets for their use for irrigation, industrial, civil and environmental, also it allows you to limit the levy from ground water and thus make a contribution to the fight against subsidence (lowering of the soil).

Sports enthusiasts can reach the Rock of Pescale, Modena on shore and accessible through the bridge on the ditch Pescarolo.

Going up a path with chestnut fences you reach the top of the plateau, where appropriate signs tell the history of the archaeological site, the site of a Neolithic village. From here you can enjoy a great view of the river and its valley. Before going back on the bike in Reggio shore, worth visiting the historic village of Castellarano.

Main cities crossed
castellarano, Sassuolo, Modena, Concordia sulla Secchia, San Benedetto Po

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